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Why CarDocs ?

Are you tired of your customers not treating you like a professional? Do you have no track of where your hard earned money is going? Is your business controlling you instead of you controlling it? Do you want to simple system to manage your business in a professional and organized manner? Then Cardocs is for you!

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TWC has an energetic, young and professional team. I've only had positive experiences with them

Adam Ketagoda

Director of Cartec

Quick Software Overview

We put in a lot of time to this so you don’t have to. CarDocs.lk is packed with features that will make your work life easy, organized and give you the professional look you deserve!

Optimized for different platforms

CarDocs will run on your mobile, OBD scanner tab, Laptop or PC seamlessly. Being web based means your data is always in sync no matter what device you are on!

Web based system

No software to install and you don’t need a high end phone or PC to use CarDocs. Just log in and you are good to go!

Streamlined and interconnected

All data is interconnected throughout the platform and different processes are streamlined so you don’t have to repeat entries from one process to the other.

Data capture and reporting

All the information recorded in your business is organized and available at your fingertips. Customer lists, debtor lists, inventory balances, cashflow statements and so much more. Simple, easy to understand live reports show where your business was, where it’s at, and where it’s heading so you can plan ahead.