Five Surprisingly Simple Tricks to Earn Big Through Social Media

Five Surprisingly Simple Tricks to Earn Big Through Social Media
Thimantha | Entrepreneurship | 14th February 2019
If it was two decades ago, business marketing would have been easier by investing in advertisements in local newspapers or displaying a visual advertisement on the television. But the world is evolving and technology is taking over the global village step by step, opening various doors for those dreamers to make their dreams come true.We see businesses starting up everywhere and the competition is only at its beginning. We all want to be winners. The only way to head towards success is with the number of consumers. Relatable to what we say 'The more the merrier'

The most productive method to increase your growth of customers is through effective social media marketing focusing on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. These tips will help you in conducting social media to lure your prospective clients.
1. Use eye-catching headlines for blogs.
In the present, blogs play a great role in online advertising. Blogs are an indirect invitation to a website. While surfing through social networks, the blog headline is which pops up at first, therefore it should be attractive and eye catching. The more interesting and captivating a blog heading is the more people that tend to click on it. A blog article should always be rich in information. People would not want to waste ten minutes of their time reading an article that has no information relating to them in any way.
2. Use videos.
New media is all about novelty. It is a hub for creatives and easy access to anyone. Videos are the new trend. People are usually busy to read a lengthy article on some random product or topic, so it's better to create an informative video which is attractive and takes less time to convey an idea. Videos should be creative with a little number of words and more pictures. When it's more people-friendly, social media networks such as Facebook tend to give more preference in keeping it on top. So always make sure your video stays short and sweet and conveys a valuable message at the same time.
3. Conversations with potential clients
As an active social media marketing agent, you should always be good with your potential clients. Conversations with your customers don't need to be personal. If your customers leave a comment on any of your products on social media, reply to them. It makes your customer comfortable with you to communicate and makes you reliable. If you are a start-up business, promoting your brand and yourself is very important for your success ahead. The best way to be well known across social media is by being a friendly host. By engaging in a rather friendly and professional conversation you get to know about your prospective customers and what they exactly require.
4. Provide encouragements for feedback.
People like to be given incentives once in a while. Give them the opportunity to leave feedbacks. You should always respect customer reviews and reply sensibly even if they are negatives. You can also offer a discount on their next purchase after they leave their review or feedback, or you can host online draws or competitions to win products, which is a great motivation for your customers to stick with your company. The feedback helps you to know whether your company needs any improvements and it builds your reputation as well.
5. Give more preference for visuals
Images convey more information than words. They need to be creatively mended up to express an idea otherwise pictures could mean nothing. Images tend to grasp People quicker due to their colours and directly expressed ideas. Did you know that Google search engines rank high to those websites that include a wide range of images? The visuals you use brings out the quality of your brand or company circularly. So make sure you create great eye-capturing visuals for your customers which are capable of convincing them to purchase your products.